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Ned fixes a nagging problem – The K5 Fix

Ned has owned a K5 for awhile now, and it’s had a problem with the patch selection buttons not wanting to be pressed. If you press really hard and rock them back and forth, perhaps you can get “2” selected.

We posted a video that demonstrates a fix we applied to our K5 that seems to be working just fine. Take a look and let us know. There’s got to be a better solution, but mine worked. So far. 🙂




(Sometimes I) Wander – Electronica


Teaser – Ableton Tip 1 and the mystical “Local Off” option

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  1. It’s been 4 days since the great experiment (washing the button boards from my K5 in an alcohol bath), but they just seem to be getting better. No negative affect from my experiment (even with the melted resin on the back of the PC boards)


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