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MIDI 101 – Adding a Sequencer to the Mix

Here’s the long awaited follow-up video to the first MIDI 101 video. Without further ado, I present “The Sequencer”.


Coming Up: MIDI 101 – Introducing the Sequencer

Korg SQ-1

Korg SQ-1

Our next instructional video will build on what we learned in the first MIDI 101 , adding an inexpensive sequencer to the mix.

We’ll be using a Korg SQ-1 which runs about $99 u.s. Any sequencer with a Midi out will work, the simpler the better.

What does a studio really sound like?

A studio can be a noisy place, but some things are best kept inside your headphones. Here’s an “open speaker” session where we’re trying to find pieces to cut up and microsample from a favorite old movie and cult classic, “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai – Across the 8th Dimension”, and the noise was just remarkable. Here are a couple of minutes of what your favorite producer spends ALOT of time listening to…


MIDI 101 – Routing a 3 Synth Lead Stack

MIDI was introduced in 1983 by Dave Smith and Chet Wood. [MIDI History]

It’s used for everything from the obvious (music) to lighting systems and pyrotechnics. The concepts are simple, but sometimes the most obvious solution can be confusing.

We decided to put together our first How To video. I know there are 100 other “MIDI 101” videos out there, but this one features Ned. Using Ned’s regular voice.

If you’re already a MIDI veteran, this will be a kindergarten video for you, but if you have a few MIDI devices laying about, this vid may make you go buy a couple of MIDI cables…


FTP Ops – Rework, Remix?

FTP Ops was a work in progress, and I published an early version of it a few days ago. My friend Andy, an accomplished producer in his own right, offered some suggestions (I need suggestions right about now…) and I think the results were pretty good.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.


FTP Ops – Out on YouTube

Ned has some time on his hands. He’s spending some of it in the studio trying to wrap his head around the video tools at his disposal. Currently we’re using VSDC Video Editor, and it has a quite sharp learning curve. Take a look at Ned’s latest video to see if we’re making progress. We think so.


Microsample This…

I recorded a few minutes of my adorable finches splashing in their little pool, and when I brought the video into my toys, I found the audio to be a microsamplers dream. There’s even a mournful cat at the end that has no end of texture. The birds beating their wings in the bathtub have a rhythm all their own.

Challenge – make a microsampled remix of the mp3 (I’ll provide the wav file if you request it). I’ve been playing with the sounds in simpler for an hour, and it’s crazy fun. It does have a hum that I couldn’t completely eradicate, but you’re welcome to improve upon it.

Download: FinchBath.mp3

And here’s the video (as seen at

Visual Acuity – New Release

Just released on YouTube, Ned’s new video “Visual Acuity” is a heavy bass and drum modular rant that was Ned’s response to life in general, and to the current state of affairs.

The music is mostly MS20 and microKorg, a bit of K5, and Ableton. The graphics are captured visualizations edited a bit. We’re starting to use VSDC for video editing. It’s a bit of a sharp learning curve, but this video turned out pretty well for one of our first attempts.

Turn up your sub. 🙂



Experimental Video – That’ll Do

This is the beginning of a production experiment. We’re producing a group of related songs and some rough sketches of videos. Our intent is to use the videos and music to create a massive remix that’s unlike anything we’ve ever produced.

The first task, of course, is to get some music out. Have a listen to our first entry.
This was produced entirely with the microKorg and MS-20, with the MS-20 controlled via midi by the microKorg. The MS-20 has a reverse low pass envelope that’s fun to play with as the filter opens up after you release the note. Assembled in Ableton and then Windows Movie Maker. Comments are welcome, or drop Ned a line on the Contact Us page.


Selling Out? Or just paying the bills…

Our lead producer, Sterling, on his bespoke kitty stairs.

Our lead producer, Sterling, on his bespoke kitty stairs.

Ned’s productions haven’t exactly made him a millionaire. Or even a thousandaire. I think he’s a hundredaire right now.

I signed up to participate in a couple of ad programs. Selling out? You betcha. This room is rather expensive (even the old equipment – it needs constant repair…) Since the Capgras Brothers also spend quite a bit of time in “Frankly Studios”, our costs can be higher than you might think. Not to mention Sterling, our lead producer and arguably smartest cat. His parkour techniques are amazing, but his demands can be outrageous.

I’m just saying that when you notice the advertisements, don’t think less of me. Or do think less of me, but be understanding. Or give me a really hard time about them.  I appreciate you just the same. 🙂


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