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Month: October 2016

Escape Velocity – Minimal Trance

After working for 2 days to recover Caleb’s computer, my studio machine bricked out. Motherboard. So not a total brick, but an annoying Frankenstein teardown and reassembly. 

Anyway, this song has needed a video for awhile. I produced this on my little LG tablet to see if I could. Not terrible, I think. Minimal atmospheric trance. Enjoy!


It’s Just a Ride (In Memory of Bill Hicks)

I was working with some samples from the brilliant visionary comedian, Bill Hicks (this video:

I started giggling when I put a Ride Cymbal together with Bill’s quote “It’s just a ride”. That turned into what I believe is a respectful remix of the “It’s just a ride” speech (I don’t call it a “bit” because it’s much more important than that.) This version is loud and colorful, and I’d like to think Bill would have enjoyed it.

Have a listen, but do go and listen to Mr. Hicks, who left us much too early (February 26, 1994) due to pancreatic cancer.

His wisdom and views changed my life and my world view. It’s important.


Bill Hicks “It’s Just a Ride”: [embedyt][/embedyt]

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