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FTP Ops – Rework, Remix?

FTP Ops was a work in progress, and I published an early version of it a few days ago. My friend Andy, an accomplished producer in his own right, offered some suggestions (I need suggestions right about now…) and I think the results were pretty good.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.


FTP Ops – Out on YouTube

Ned has some time on his hands. He’s spending some of it in the studio trying to wrap his head around the video tools at his disposal. Currently we’re using VSDC Video Editor, and it has a quite sharp learning curve. Take a look at Ned’s latest video to see if we’re making progress. We think so.


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Microsample This…

I recorded a few minutes of my adorable finches splashing in their little pool, and when I brought the video into my toys, I found the audio to be a microsamplers dream. There’s even a mournful cat at the end that has no end of texture. The birds beating their wings in the bathtub have a rhythm all their own.

Challenge – make a microsampled remix of the mp3 (I’ll provide the wav file if you request it). I’ve been playing with the sounds in simpler for an hour, and it’s crazy fun. It does have a hum that I couldn’t completely eradicate, but you’re welcome to improve upon it.

Download: FinchBath.mp3

And here’s the video (as seen at

Selling Out? Or just paying the bills…

Our lead producer, Sterling, on his bespoke kitty stairs.

Our lead producer, Sterling, on his bespoke kitty stairs.

Ned’s productions haven’t exactly made him a millionaire. Or even a thousandaire. I think he’s a hundredaire right now.

I signed up to participate in a couple of ad programs. Selling out? You betcha. This room is rather expensive (even the old equipment – it needs constant repair…) Since the Capgras Brothers also spend quite a bit of time in “Frankly Studios”, our costs can be higher than you might think. Not to mention Sterling, our lead producer and arguably smartest cat. His parkour techniques are amazing, but his demands can be outrageous.

I’m just saying that when you notice the advertisements, don’t think less of me. Or do think less of me, but be understanding. Or give me a really hard time about them.  I appreciate you just the same. 🙂


Released! How to Make a POV FishEye NedCam

Ned constructed a head-band POV cam and created a short video to test it out. This is a How To (HowTo?) video that shows how to construct your own head-based video unit using stuff you might have around the house. We didn’t have to buy anything – our NedCam was just waiting to be assembled.

After the How To, stick around for an example of the FishEye NedCam  in action.

It’s a little dark, uses a fisheye cam, and all of the synth work is from the microKORG. The drums are stock from Ableton (well, semi-stock).


And the final version is out![embedyt][/embedyt]

And exclusively on, the original “Element 43” by Ned Frankly. This was created during the ProTools days (originally published on SoundCloud on 12/29/2013).

A Studio Session with Ned

A 16+ minute session in the studio with Ned. The music is a sketch, and this is a typical short session meant to capture an idea.

Voiceover / Narration by Ned.

The final mix will be made available in HD on SoundCloud when it’s complete. Thanks for listening!



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Akai EIE Pro – High Freq Screaming Buffer Problem


A buffer problem with one of my favorite pieces of equipment is hindering our video production… Have a listen – the issue crops up around 3:40.

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Ned Frankly – The YouTube Trailer has been released!

Ned decided it would be a good idea to put together a little introductory video for those who may not be familiar with his work. This was filmed with a tiny little camera at Frankly Studios. Ned used a Korg microKorg, a Korg MS-20, and Ableton Live 9.

Check out the channel on YouTube at



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