A buffer problem with one of my favorite pieces of equipment is hindering our video production… Have a listen – the issue crops up around 3:40.

We have had our Akai EIE Pro for a couple of years, and other than some latency issues, it’s been as dependable as it is pretty. And it is a visual work of art.


It has a fatal flaw, however. If you put a few channels of audio through it while recording video, eventually it will put out about 140db of the nastiest white noise you’d ever not want to hear.

There are a few bits of wisdom from around the interwebs that we’ve tried. One of the most surprising was setting the latency on the EIE Pro interface to 49 samples (almost imperceptible latency). I’ve also stopped using the USB interfaces on the backplane of the EIE. We run ASIO with the Akai EIE Pro ASIO Driver on Windows 10 32 bit.

We have literally stopped trying to record live video while running Ableton and the EIE Pro. Phones have better cameras now anyway, so it works out fine.

Still a pretty annoying problem. You’d think Akai would have addressed it by now.