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New Release – Studio B Roll on YouTube

A little modular madness for the end of the weekend. I had some B roll that I hadn’t used, and a noisy modular piece I worked on over the weekend. Don’t look for the music to sync with the video – it won’t. 🙂

Most of this piece was generated by the MS-20, but the microKORG pulls out some nice parts in the solo. Ableton 9.




Released! How to Make a POV FishEye NedCam

Ned constructed a head-band POV cam and created a short video to test it out. This is a How To (HowTo?) video that shows how to construct your own head-based video unit using stuff you might have around the house. We didn’t have to buy anything – our NedCam was just waiting to be assembled.

After the How To, stick around for an example of the FishEye NedCam  in action.

It’s a little dark, uses a fisheye cam, and all of the synth work is from the microKORG. The drums are stock from Ableton (well, semi-stock).


And the final version is out![embedyt][/embedyt]

And exclusively on, the original “Element 43” by Ned Frankly. This was created during the ProTools days (originally published on SoundCloud on 12/29/2013).

A Studio Session with Ned

A 16+ minute session in the studio with Ned. The music is a sketch, and this is a typical short session meant to capture an idea.

Voiceover / Narration by Ned.

The final mix will be made available in HD on SoundCloud when it’s complete. Thanks for listening!



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